Apple's iOS 9 is all about Change, a big one.

Apple's iOS 9
iOS 9

Hurrah! Apple has just unveiled its latest iOS software. The iOS 9 . It is the biggest update from Apple considering it's complicated predecessor. Despite a very similar appearance to iOS 8, the new iOS 9 is packed with lot's of changes and features. It has the biggest update changes.
Well, by now you must be eager to figure what is it that makes iOS the greatest update. So, let's hit the road and I will guide you the way.

Key features and updates:

ios 9;s key features

Apple's intelligent voice assistant just got more intelligent. Yes, the newly released Siri gains much wider support for natural language commands across all aspects of your phone.
This means far more than just “Is it raining?” with examples given when searching camera photos like “Show me photos from Utah from last August “ or in contextually aware Note taking like “Remind me to get my coffee off the roof of the car when I get in” (possible if used in conjunction with Apple CarPlay). according to Gordon Kelly on FORBES.

Apple is not just done yet. It has done some serious brushup on the accuracy of Siri, which now has just 5% error rate of word recognition.It will also open up further to third party apps with requests within Spotlight able to tie queries into specific apps, locations and searches.

Proactive Assistant:

Google Now's Apple EditionThe newest addition to Apple's inbuilt app. It is the part of the dynamic trio of Apple's legacy. Proactive Assistant is what Google Now is. Apple has made conscious attempt to reduce it's reliance on Google in recent years, and it seems to have achieved that in the iOS 9.
Proactive is the Apple's version of Google Now. What Proactive does is; it collects data from Siri, Contacts, Passbook, Calender and third-party apps you commonly use and the time you use them to create a virtually vibrant real-time information relevant to the User's need. This ranges from map directions before a meeting (taking into account current traffic conditions), boarding passes ahead of a flight and automated calendar entries from emails and messages. You will get intelligent suggestions for what you might want to do next, even before you ask.
Apple is just not done yet. Proactive resembles to Google Now but the next feature of it is a leap ahead of what Google Now can do. Proactive learns your daily schedule so, for example, if you go on a walk every morning listening to music, Proactive will automatically open your music app in exactly that period of time.Not only that it can also suggest your favorite playlist when you connect it to your car via Bluetooth. It can also recognize the unknown caller if that numbered appeared in your Email.
Much like Google Now, Proactive will also open up this intelligence to third party apps but Apple stresses that none of your data leaves your phone – a clear dig at Google. Out the gate Proactive looks capable of competing head-on with the current version of Google Now, but not with the radically enhanced version previewed in Android M.


The complete part of the dynamic trio. What do you get when you sum up Proactive and Smart Siri? A new spotlight. Now, when you swipe left on the home screen you will be entering a whole new rich page of contextual data with links to common contacts, suggested apps, Geo-sourced local information, calendar events and much more.
Your search screen will get prepopulated with wider range of questions answered as you type, giving you a real time experience. Your experience will increase more with Spotlight integrating with the third party apps.

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