Microsoft to Launch, The official, Windows 10 on July 29

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WINDOWS 10 is all-set to release for 29th JUNE.

OK. So the word is on the web and crossing over the social medias, YES , the much anticipated Microsoft 10 is hitting the market on JULY 29. So get the marker and circle that very date on the calender. But wait; there is more to it. You need not to do any of that.
As Microsoft says ,
You just need to sit back, relax and enjoy. We have got you back.
Microsoft's windows 10 presentation, powerrang

Microsoft Windows 10 release

That's right. Microsoft is launching this (much rumored as last installation in numerical
WINDOWS upgrade) software upgrade with ease. All that a willing soul has to do is to "RESERVE" the copy of Windows 10 via Genuine Windows 7 or 8. Yes, this is much of software update to your smartphone. But for that to happen, the user's Windows must be updated to last known updates. Then shall the notification appear, which will ask your permission weather to reserve your very own free copy of Microsoft's biggest ever software release or not. And as Microsoft's promise to watch your back, the updater will automatically notify you when to download and interestingly also scans your computer and notify you of any incompatibility of the software installation. Then all you need to do is relax and enjoy the new software upgrade which is around 3 gigabytes.

Availability of upgrade only applies to genuine copy of Windows 7 and Windows 8 with latest installation of updates. Besides the free upgrade, Microsoft will roll out pre-installed Windows 10 PC's and tablets, starting from 29th June, this year.

Unfortunately, the Windows 10 updates ;both home and professional versions; are only for PC's and Tablets.  Other hence, smartphones are not so supported at it's very release, but we can expect it sooner or later.

As PCworld's "What will you get it Windows?"

Microsoft’s Myerson ran down the list of Windows 10’s signature features: Cortana; its new Edge browser; the Xbox app and integrated Xbox Live service for PCs; Windows Hello, its biometric login service; the Windows Continuum transition between PC and tablet; and the Windows Store. In a related video by Joe Belfiore, the corporate vice president of the Operating Systems, Belfiore implies that the new Store will finally include high-powered Windows games that support Windows 10’s DirectX 12. Myerson specifically highlighted Maps, Photos, Mail & Calendar, Music, and Video as the separate but integrated apps that will complement the core Windows 10 experience.
So there it is folks. You are looking at the biggest software upgrade release of Microsoft, on July 29th. Just do yourself a favour of updating your windows 7 system to latest to follow up the notification. And be-on-the-lookout for reservation. The upgrade is free but for limited time.

Don't forget to slam down those keys and express your feelings.


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