Microsoft will deprecate its 7 former windows features in the next upgrade

Microsoft's Windows 10 deprecated features

As Microsoft is all set-to roll Windows 10 to it's users; people are quite confused;whether to update to Windows 10 or not. There is no pressure for both Windows 7 and 8.1 users for the time being but; how long can you resist it? Eventually you will make your move and download your copy of Windows 10,because ; basically it's free and next, it's WINDOWS 10. But before you opt for an upgrade, you might want to check features below which the new Windows 10 won't have.

  • You surely will have to say good-bye to Windows Media Center, because there will be no Windows Media Center in Windows 10. So, if you love Windows Media Center, well, think about it.
  • Windows 10 will (after being Windows Media Center removed) no longer play DVD movies. It will require a different software for watching DVD. 
  • If you use and love the Windows 7's Gadget feature, then you might want to search for replacement, because Windows 10 will no longer have Desktop Gadget
  • Windows 10 home users, from now on will get automatically updated to it's official updates. Whereas Windows 10 pro and Enterprise users have the option to defer it.
  • Microsoft's built in games like Minesweeper, and Heart Games and Solitaire will be removed as a part of upgrade and hence will be replaced by their own set of games; Microsoft's Minesweeper and Microsoft's Heart collection.
  • Windows 10 users will have to update their driver software for USB floppy drive, either from the Windows Update or from the manufacturer's collection.
  • If you have Windows Live Essentials installed on your system, the OneDrive application is removed and replaced with the inbox version of OneDrive. 

As, you have gone through the deprecated list of Windows 10 features, there is not a big thing to panic, unless you actually use those features. WMC is rarely a handful and a large number of people use VLC , which is free. As for desktop gadget being removed in Windows upgrade, it might sting the Windows 7 users, but there is to hope the kind of replacement.

The much and most concerned cut-off of feature is automatic update for Home Users. Microsoft mentioned that Windows update will be made automatically for the Home Users while the Pro and Enterprise Users will have the choice to defer it. This is something, future Windows 10 home edition users, must pay a attention before upgrading. While it is good to keep your Windows updated to date, there is also a full possibililty every update will be doing good for your PC. That's again, from my perspective because the last thing the world needs is to force the update to Home users.
Apart from the right confiscation, there is no much to weep about. Cloud storage is what the world now demands and Live Essentials is an reckless option. But for the Users out there, we might have to deeply think in peace, because there will no longer be SOLITAIRE.

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