Windows 10 updates will probably not reach you on July 29th.

Windows 10 update might not be for all on 29th July


So it seems. Microsoft is all set to release its next Windows 10 upgrade on July 29. Less than a month from now, the much awaited version of Windows update carries a lot of expectation to it's potential users. With that on mind, and also the offer of being it free to upgrade for those already with Windows 7 or 8, Windows 10 will most likely become huge part of PC world overnight.

Windows 10 featured a pack of changes with the return of "Start Button" and much more. So users who experienced the loss of  "start" touch will now have their time. Much more, the notable changes were the Microsoft's own Voice Assistant "Cortana", as well as the new and much more leveled up browser Microsoft plans to execute called "Spartan" and lot more. So its normal, with most users planning to upgrade their Windows to 10.

Remember the overnight takeover of Windows 10, well that might not actually be overnight. As it turns out, all of the users won't be able to download the Windows 10 update at the same date. Microsoft will be ROLLING OUT the updates for Windows 10 starting from the July 29. Thus the users with Windows 10 reservation will henceforth start getting the update starting from July 29th. The first ones to get the final release updates will be the users who participated in the Windows Insider program and tested it's beta release. After that only, rest of the User's i.e Companies, Enterprises or Personal or any institution with online reservation will start to get the updates. If you have not reserved then |Reserve Now.|

If you have read the Microsoft's new Upgrade environment, you will be knowing the catchy tag
All you have to do is sit back and relax.
After you reserve your copy, given the access to update, your computer will begin to download Windows 10 automatically and it will inform you once the download is complete and your computer is ready to begin the installation. This way users won't have to wait any longer than necessary.

For those users who might find this idea a kind of frustrating, let's look at the bright side. Less people downloading means less crashes from the server. Let's just wait and have patience.

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  1. Umm...Great things have to wait awhile. Only if I had installed windows insiders.