Rest Unassured. August 27th Mars Appearance is Done for.

All set for August 27? Already set the alarm for 12 in the morning? Well, you can thank me later for saving your time and sleep.
The reason you need to thank me or may be wherever you see these posts, is about the fictional appearance of Mars as size equal to moon being visible in the earth's sky early morning this 27th, indeed very early. You, Me, and every one in the social media took the glance at the Facebook post; which captions something like this;
And I quote
Don't Forget on August 27, 2015 at 12:30 Mars will be visible. The next time will be in 2287....I can't wait <Emoji>
The 27th august Mars Hoax

Thing was; I saw this post on my FB wall, month ago, and to the extent I was fascinated by the caption. I mean, seriously who would miss the chance of a lifetime to see the MARS team up with moon in the earth's sky.


Absolutely an hoax. The crimson thing we observe in the picture is nothing than the same moon being deduce in the size and painted in the crimson. Truly it's too good to be true. We all are well familiar with moon messing up with earth's gravity causing tides and giant waves; addition of Mars will definately cause ultimate destruction and all things will be messed up.

NASA's reply version to this hoax:
“If Mars did come close enough to rival the moon, its gravity would alter Earth’s orbit and raise terrible tides.”

Origin of the tales:
The hoax which is told be started some about 12 years ago; (seriously? and I fell for it now!) was actually sparked from real incident which happened 12 years ago. The Mars did actually came closer  in 2003, 12 years ago, at distance of just 35 million miles, the nearest appearance recorded in Earth;s history.

The closest  recorded of Mars visiblity looked something like this:

Mars appeared the closest in earth;s sky back in 2003

The person who got away with half a million shares, 19K comments and almost 140 K likes is Jospeh Ayoub. This guy nearly ticked me off. (Nice One).

Anyways; bottomline is there is no need to wake up early in the 27th August because you are not gonna see the Mars as near as 2003, which NASA's tells the next close encounter is actually expected at 2287. Though; if you can't back down from your words; who knows; you might get lucky.


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