In Alphabet, G stands for GOOGLE.

Google's resturctured it's working companies and sectors under one hood called ALPHABET. This is what now Google works under which covers all past Google's invested sectors of business.
Google as we know is no longer the GOOGLE. Well, as of 3rd October, Saturday, we are deemed to pronounce ALPHABET.
After the closing of trading on Friday, Google’s Class A and C stocks start trading as Alphabet Class C Capital Stock and Alphabet Class A Common Stock, on the Nasdaq.
Company co-founder Larry Page has hoped that this restructuring will help the company to be more focused in new areas like healthcare and automobile.
As featured,  Google spokeperson emailed to WIRED,
“There will be no change to any day-to-day operations, “just a legal filing to officially establish the structure.”
With that said, there's no such worry thing. The whole name changing game, doesn’t really change much around how Google, oops, Alphabet has been running on a day-to-day basis since co-founder Larry Page dropped his famous blog post in August detailing Google’s breakup into multiple companies under the Alphabet umbrella.(UMBRELLA CORP)

Featured in: WIRED, Fossbytes

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